Cicchetti Tour

 Osterie in Treviso or Bacari in Venice? In Venice in the bars called Bacari or in Treviso in the Osterie, you’ll taste the typical snacks called cicchetti enjoying the atmosphere of these places.

Pizza Chef

Do you like pizza? You’ll have the chance to cook it yourself! Local ingredients, unsual flour and the advices of an expert pizza chef!

Soave experience

A tour to discover Soave city and its specialties: olive oil, Recioto wine, Soave and Amarone wines, without forgetting castles and great views.

Film Tour

A film tour to discover the suggestive sets which have inspired many Italian and foreign film directors: : Signore e Signori in 1965 with Virna Lisi, Dreaming of Africa with Kim Basinger,  In Love and War with Sandra Bullock and Chris O’ Donnell, Ripley’s Game … Continue readingFilm Tour

Veneto Kids tours

Walking tours created for families with kids in mind. Workshops, curious itineraries, activities for kids and teenagers, as well as treasure hunts. In cooperation with Veneto Kids:

Made in Italy

A journey amongst Venetian artists and artisans, famous for the ‘Made in Italy’ label. Experience small artisan workshops, artists’ studios and, of course, an exclusive shopping experience featuring shops with our famous international brand names.